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Total Benefit Solutions

We are more than a typical brokerage firm. Our role for your organization is to be your trusted advisor and partner by using our extensive experience, proprietary resources and market leverage to ensure that you are well positioned financially, strategically and competitively.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits has evolved into more than just offering health insurance. Today, employers are being required to keep up with ever-changing compliance rules, find ways to cut costs, and provide comprehensive benefit packages to employees in order to stay competitive. We work with you to understand your company's culture and the needs of your employees' and develop a program that supports and reflects your company's vision.

Benefits Technology

We recognize that technology is an important tool for streamlining benefits administration and communication to employees. We also know that online resources are a supplement to, not a replacement for, personal service. The technology we provide is fully customizable to meet your needs. Whether you need a full online enrollment platform or just a basic site for employees to find benefit information – we have you covered. In addition, HR professionals have access to their own portal where they can access insurance information, but also sample policies, FMLA, hiring processes, performance reviews, Q&As on common HR questions, wellness information and more.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Ensuring compliance with complex healthcare and employment regulations can be daunting. Having access to qualified legal advice, when you need it, is key. Drawing upon a team of legal experts through our partnership with Benefit Partners – our clients have access to local and national attorneys that specialize in Employment Law, ERISA, and HIPAA. We will analyze your benefits plan for compliance weaknesses and keep you informed on the latest in best practices. Clients have access to compliance tools and calculators as well regular newsletters and webinars focused on recent legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits. Our in-house COBRA department is also available to offer expertise and reliable administration for all of your COBRA needs.

Voluntary Benefits

The Murray Group understands the challenge today’s employers have in attracting and retaining quality employees. Rather than just offering a higher salary or hourly rate, a quality benefit program can have a positive effect. We can provide innovative and cost-effective benefits to employers of all sizes, which allows even small employers to offer a full benefit program to attract and retain quality employees, while not increasing the budget.

Data Analytics & Underwriting

We feel it is the responsibility of a Benefits Consultant to provide high quality, reliable, and meaningful data. We understand our clients are making decisions that impact their bottom line and the well being of their employees. We have found that every client’s data needs are different, and we pride ourselves on providing flexible data options to our clients. The Murray Group has invested heavily in our staff training and data systems to provide a custom reporting package to meet our clients’ needs.


Murray Group compares your data against state, regional, and national norms. We want to make sure that you are comparable to other companies, as well as offering your employees the best benefits that will serve their needs optimally.

HR Support & Tools

TMG has the know-how to streamline your benefits administration, providing our clients with a variety of solutions for common HR issues. Whether it’s helping you transition from stacks of paper forms to a seamless online enrollment solution, handling communications with your employees, or aiding you in research, we’re here to help. We offer customized Open Enrollment Guides, Benefit Booklets, Wellness Newsletters, Benefit FAQs, and other helpful materials that keep your employees informed and educated on the valuable benefits your company provides.

Executive & International Benefits

Our team of experts in executive benefits can help you build a comprehensive benefits package for your company's key talent. Plan design consulting, increased benefits on disability products, and corporate-owned life insurance are just some of options we can provide. Companies with International locations need to provide the same exceptional coverage to their employees working abroad. Our International benefit consulting team can help acquire global plan coverage with the very best partners available - ensuring your employees are well taken care of outside of the U.S.

Retiree Management

Certain companies like to have the opportunity to offer their employees benefits that extend past their time of work. At the Murray Group, we will sit down with you to discuss options that may be a perfect for your company and employees that are looking to ease their mind after they have chosen to retire. Our staff has extensive knowledge to know what plans will fit your company and best serve the employees if they choose to take advantage of this benefit. In terms of Medicare, we do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all your options.

The Murray Group Service Philosophy

As a client of The Murray Group, you can rely on our expertise and guidance. Although the benefit needs of your company will evolve over time, one thing that will never change is our commitment to providing you and your employees with the same good advice we would hope to receive. Our staff values proactive thinking, combining solution-oriented methods with a servant's heart. We know that the right team, armed with the latest tools, education and resources, can create solutions that fit your business and budget. Let us be your first call for all questions related to employee benefits.

- Chad Murray, President and CEO

Our Values

TRUST – Making choices that foster confidence in our promise to always do the right thing for our clients, their employees and their families.

SERVICE – Finding a way to say “yes”, and taking advantage of opportunities to do more than is expected whenever possible.

KNOWLEDGE – Constantly seeking and providing information and tools that bring value to our clients.

RELATIONSHIP – Providing the talent, time and treasure necessary so our people are present, connected and sympathetic to the needs of our clients, their employees and their families.

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